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About - The Full Story

My name is Dylan Cochran. My professional career started back in 2008 after graduation with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Music in Seattle, Wa. I have successfully grown creative and music studios, teams, businesses and non-profits with online branding and media campaigns. I have also learned (always learning) the POWER of great branding and content marketing and how it CONNECTS us to our customers/audiences and in turn, grows businesses.


 Early in business I sought to stand out online creating websites, SEO and social media marketing campaigns. This was pretty new in my niche at the time, most music studio owners never thought of websites and marketing or took it seriously. Our studio quickly grew and we hired other teachers. I spent a lot of my time recording, writing and performing and eventually I started freelancing doing audio/SFX design with Fox Sports and this included animated graphics. All the while was doing video, graphics, audio design and marketing projects with National Geographic (Primal Survivor), my personal brand, churches and Peterbilt Trucking.


I am very passionate about people, relationships and being the best we can, individually and together. The time working in the stressful entertainment and tv industry mixed with my time working with non-profits (large and small) has given me a unique perspective to the creative world and people. I would love the chance to hear more about you,  your needs and impact and to see how we can help you at 333 Creative Studios.



333 Creative Studios has a mission to partner with businesses, to help them grow using awesome branding and content marketing


Influence business, brands and people using technology to authentically connect to people and the world around them. Relationship is everything. 

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